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21 October, 2020
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Spain: Fruit marketing in Europe

Intern: Presley Manuel Robles Andrade, Agribusiness Management

Presley did his internship at the Fortaleny Oranges Company located in Valencia, Spain. He worked in the company´s logistics administration area, where he assessed the management of various activities to support the production chain starting with harvesting and selection of the fruit, to the final distribution and marketing in the local market, as well as throughout Europe.

Fortaleny Oranges also has business relations with local producers who provide fresh products.  These are sold by the company, and include varieties of oranges, tangerines, avocados, lemons, olive oil, nuts, and orange blossom honey. These products are sold under different brands such as: Fortaley Oranges, Direct Oranes, Zumexpress, Orange Gourmet, and La Vieja Alquería.

Presley spent his internship working on the Zumexpress brand. His goal was to maximize case sales as well as to attract new customers. In his administrative role, he was in charge of keeping records of all raw material entering and leaving the warehouse and filling already established inventory formats. As part of his assignment, he had to set objectives and weekly sales goals for the brand, with the goal of exceeding these objectives and realizing a stronger profit margin. As part of the completion of his internship, Presley completed a competitive analysis in order to inspire better marketing strategies and better decision making when establishing a sale promotion or price. With this experience he also had the opportunity to attend the Fruit Logistica 2020, one of the world’s most important commercial fairs, held in Berlin, Germany.

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