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Intern: Alex Mauricio Doylet Muñoz, Agricultural Science and Production

Alex did his internship at Louisiana State University, United States, in activities related to precision farming areas. He worked under the direction of Dr. Luciano Shiratsuchi, along with a student with a Ph.D and two master degrees. By using drones, he monitored oats and wheat crops with different levels of fertilization, to obtain digital images. Maps of the most suitable level for each cultivation cycle are obtained through the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). Another activity in which Alex participated was sample crop testing and monitoring with manual sensors.

He was part of a project interpretating data related to corn that was subjected to different levels of nitrogen fertilization. Considering the thickness, height of the corn cob, grain weight and quantity, they strove top calculate the optimal dose for plant growth in that type of soil. Alex also collaborated in a data base project for farmers who ignore the varieties used across the years in the state of Louisiana. The goal was to provide farmers easy and secure access to the information. The experience gave Alex the opportunity to attend the “Digital Agricultural Conference” and the “Agricultural Technology and Management Conference” which allowed him to know and learn about different production systems.

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