“Safe water” changes lives and improves health for 1,700 residents of Honduras’ dry corridor
18 November, 2020
Mr, Diego Wen, newly appointed Ambassador to Honduras from Taiwan, visits Zamorano
30 November, 2020

Educational Pig Farm Manages Wastewater in an Integrated Manner

Lagunas de oxidación que son desnatadas y controlado el crecimiento de vegetación a su alrededor, así como la aplicación de bacterias para resultados óptimos que evitan la generación de malos olores, entre otros beneficios

Zamorano follows national and international environmental regulations by returning uncontaminated water to its rivers.  We also teach our students production techniques that support the protection of natural resources.

Zamorano’s production units have multiplied strategies to ensure environmentally friendly and sustainable production. The integrated management of wastewater at the campus’ Educational Pig Farm is a shining example of practicing environmental responsibility. The development of several alternatives to reach a balancing point between production and nature allowed Zamorano to comply with water quality standards in returning the water to its source, the Yeguare River.

The Agricultural Sciences and Production Department has implemented programs to include precisely formulated diets, dry cleaning before water-washing pens, solid-liquid separation, and the use of a bio-digester. Furthermore, the two oxidation ponds that were built are maintained and closely monitored. The ponds have three sand and gravel filter beds and two bio filters that make use of the natural absorption of vetiver and king grass. The same plants are used in the discharge channel that flushes into the river.

In addition, environmental parameters are monitored several times during the year to ensure compliance. The monitoring process includes a water analysis conducted by a certified laboratory and Environmental Compliance (ICMA [for its initials in Spanish]) reports every six months. This procedure ensures the institution’s compliance with the required standards.  It also supports Zamorano acting responsibly towards the environment by returning clean water to its source.

Currently, wastewater management is carried out by a team of experts from the Agricultural Sciences and Production Department, the Environmental Management Program (belonging to Zamorano’s Social Responsibility Office), and the Environmental Science and Development Department.

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This initiative involves students through field laboratory work that provides them with key experiences for their learning. Zamorano, as a lead training institution, teaches students to restore nature with the resources it provides. Thanks to this practice, students learn to strive to reach sustainable economic benefits that impact their families and countries.

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