Mr, Diego Wen, newly appointed Ambassador to Honduras from Taiwan, visits Zamorano
30 November, 2020
Plot and commercial area built by Zamorano, donated to the Municipality of San Antonio de Oriente
7 December, 2020

Zamorano’s graduating class 2020 has 268 new professionals from sixteen countries

ZAMORANO is an innovative university whose graduates are its greatest point of pride. To date, more than 9,000 Zamoranos from 30 different nationalities have been the drivers of their countries’ transformation, making a lasting imprint of the development of their communities.

Honduras, C.A., December 5, 2020. The Panamerican School of Agriculture, ZAMORANO, trained to face the challenges of agriculture and the environment, awarded the undergraduate diploma to 268 new professionals from sixteen countries from across Latin America and the Caribbean. The students spent four years preparing to become development managers who contribute to the transformation and socioeconomic progress of their communities and countries.

From this 75th Graduating Class, 105 women and 163 men hail from Belize (1), Bolivia (15), Colombia (2), Costa Rica (1), Ecuador (72), El Salvador (19), the United States (1), Guatemala (30), Haití (1), Honduras (92), México (1), Nicaragua (9), Panamá (11) , Paraguay (1), Perú (2) and the Dominican Republic (10) received their degree. Sixty-five percent of the Class 2020 studied at Zamorano thanks to financial assistance and support from individuals, private companies, institutions, organizations and governments. The new generation of professionals, receive their degrees as:

  • S. in Agricultural Science: 154
  • S. in Agribusiness Management : 19
  • S. in Food Science and Technology: 57
  • S. in Environmental Science and Development: 38

Zamorano´s President, Dr. Jeffrey Lansdale, noted during his speech “Graduates, what is going to mark your lives are adventures, learning and knowledge. Keep setting goals and ambitious destinations. Your experience at Zamorano has prepared you for future odysseys in your lives. Zamorano taught you to have a positive attitude towards learning opportunities. I wish you all a long life full of service to others”, he concluded.

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In his speech, Mr. Erik Peterson, the President of Zamorano´s Board of Trustees, shared, “The clue for success in life is how to adapt to situations that sometimes come up unexpectedly. This is a fact in our institution, and we do not stop, we adapt. In these challenging times we are experiencing, the importance of agriculture for humanity is evident. Agriculture is the social and economic base that supports many countries, and this is why we gladly celebrate graduation of these passionate youngsters who will join the most important Latin American agricultural network. I congratulate you and invite you to return to your home countries to put into practice all the good things you learned at Zamorano. I know you will make an important difference”, he added.

The main speaker for the ceremony, Ing. Tanya Müller, Agricultural Engineering Program graduate Class ´98, expressed, “We are here today thanks to your enthusiasm, ethics, discipline, tenacity and perseverance, qualities that should always be with you. I would like to especially recognize the women in this graduating class. We are change agents, fundamental in the fields of agriculture, and the democratization of access to opportunities.

During the ceremony the award for the Best Student was granted upon Daniela Gutiérres Yañez from Bolivia who obtained the highest GPA  (94.49%). Best GPAs for each Department were awarded, as well as best Special Graduation Projects (PEGs), Best Learning by Doing GPAs, best discipline, and Zamorano´s Citizenship Award “Maria Carla Rivera Tejada” which was bestowed on Dennis Gustavo Toc Mo, from Guatemala.

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