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5 December, 2020
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7 December, 2020

Plot and commercial area built by Zamorano, donated to the Municipality of San Antonio de Oriente

These actions are part of an urban plan of local development led by Zamorano encompassing the communities in close proximity to campus through the university´s Social Responsibility Unit.  The plan has been led and structured by a Board of Trustees committee lead by Dr. Jack Crowley.

Zamorano officially provided the deeds to the San Antonio de Oriente municipality for the plot on which five years ago Zamorano built and inaugurated a commercial area of 28 stores and a bus station to benefit small retailers and residents of the area. The initiative has improved the quality of life of the store tenants and their families, as well as for the residents of the area who receive better services and improved security.

According to Ing. David Moreira, Land and Water Manager of Zamorano, the construction of the commercial infrastructure is a project led by Zamorano in collaboration with the community that is part of a strategic plan led by Dr. Jeffrey Lansdale and the Board of Trustees to reorder the municipality and facilitate environments that improve the resident´s security.

Manuel Maradiaga, San Antonio de Oriente´s Mayor, thanked Zamorano for the donation and transfer of deeds. “I am very grateful for this donation that has been given to the tenants. The stores are well organized and commercially available for any type of business. In addition to the land, Zamorano has donated the infrastructure and additional land in order to build more stores in the future”, he expressed.

The district councilor, Roger Francisco Rivas Díaz, stated that the commercial area has been a positive space which has improved the lifestyle of the tenants and their families. “We hope that the municipality’s pledge as well as the pledge with Zamorano is maintained for the benefit of the municipality, and that these agreements are not terminated. The development of the municipality must be a tri-partite effort between the community, Zamorano and the government. We hope these steps and projects continue”, he added.

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