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16 December, 2020
PARTNERS IN ACTION: Dole Food Company partners with Zamorano in outreach to local communities
16 December, 2020

PARTNERS IN ACTION: Juntos Somos + Fuertes (Together We are Stronger)

1,800 families impacted by Hurricane Eta received pure Zamorano water through partnership with Cargill of Honduras and CARE

Label on water distributed by Cargill and CARE. This image was Tweeted by Cargill’s Pollo Norteño brand with the note: “Thanks to Zamorano for their part in the grand cause of distributing 10,000 plates of food a day in the areas most effected.”

In the early days of November, Hurricane Eta made landfall in Central America and stalled for days, unleashing torrential rains, flooding and landslides that inundated towns and cities, and washed away entire communities.  Untold numbers of people remain missing; thousands more have lost homes, businesses, and access to safe food and water.

According to the Red Cross, more than 4.5 million people across Central America were impacted.  Two weeks later, Hurricane Iota brought more rain, flooding and devastation. The people of Honduras – particularly on its north coast – were among the hardest hit.

The Zamorano family responded swiftly to provide support. Faculty, students and others in the community organized donations of food, provisions, shelter, supplies, clothing, and other articles for hurricane victims.  Others worked to ensure that contributions reached those in need.

Meanwhile, Cargill of Honduras launched the Juntos Somos + Fuertes Campaign to unite companies, nongovernmental organizations, the media and the greater community to prepare 10,000 meals a day for storm victims.  In addition to food, one of the most critical needs in the emergency shelters is safe, pure water. Cargill, a longtime Zamorano partner and scholarship supporter, asked Zamorano to provide purified water for families whose water supply had been destroyed or contaminated by the storm.

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The Zamorano community swung into action. Plastic containers – important for reuse in areas desperate for potable water – were donated by a faculty member.  Water treatment plant, communications and maintenance staff and faculty leaders pitched in.  A group of nine students and several staff members and their families volunteered to label the containers.  In an example of the unanticipated positive impacts of partnerships, it is significant to note that the source of purified water – Zamorano’s water treatment plant – was funded with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (USAID/ASHA).

On November 11th, the Zamorano team coordinated with partners at Cargill and CARE to transport 1,800 gallons of water to Honduras’ north coast for distribution.

The Zamorano community feels fortunate to have been able to partner with Cargill and CARE in Juntos Somos + Fuertes.

Recipients of water distributed through Juntos Somos + Fuertes (Photos by CARE)


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