ZAMORANO and INCAE launch Master in Agribusiness
25 January, 2021
Development of a workshop by consultants with European Union expertise : “Compliance of Forestry Law in Honduras”
1 February, 2021

“Sustainable Agriculture: A vision for Zamorano´s future”

Get to know the profile of Dr. Jeffrey Sachs here:

With a presentation by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs to our community, Zamorano launches its AgVision 2021 seminar series. Dr. Sachs is a world-renowned, award-winning scientist who also has the distinction of being named one of the 100 most influential persons in the world.

Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, international expert, will lead off the series of seminars by Zamorano’s AgVision Committee on January 27th. AgVision is a discussion platform where faculty representatives and members of the Board of Trustees analyze challenges and agricultural trends as a means of seeking sustainable solutions for the sector.

Currently, Dr. Sachs is the Director of the Sustainable Development Center at Columbia University and President of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network of the United Nations Organization. He has consistently advocated for increasing undergraduate educational offerings in sustainable development.  Evidence of this is the doctorate degree now offered in this area, with Columbia University being one of the first graduate programs of its kind to offer this In the United States.

Dr. Sachs’ policies and academic work include a focus on the challenges of globalization and the relationship between trade and economic growth, resource challenges and extractive industries, public health and economic growth, economic reform strategies, international financial markets, and global economies. He has authored or coauthored hundreds of academic articles, as well as several books covering topics including climate change themes, pest control and globalization.

Through its AgVision Committee, Zamorano, as an institution committed to agriculture and the needs of the agricultural sector, is stepping up to the academic challenge by opening discussion spaces by sponsoring seminar series like this one, allowing for the questioning of the predominant views of the agricultural sector, which oftentimes prioritize the goal of maximizing production at the cost of potentially negative social and environmental consequences. This series will explore – in contrast – and from a sustainability perspective, the idea that the economic benefits can be accompanied by social and environmental benefits.

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In order to achieve an educational system based in sustainable principles, Zamorano, through its AgVision Committee and in collaboration with its Graduate Program, is organizing a series of sustainable development seminars. The purpose is to offer academic input in strategy development that moves forward with momentum and turns the university campus into a sustainable learning laboratory.

Initiating this process, the Board of Trustees made a crucial and significant declaration in 2019 when they declared and approved an institutional resolution on the environment. Through this resolution, Zamorano promotes, via research and academic extension programs, sustainable practices that address soil conservation, water, air and wildlife, as well as the connectivity of natural habits.

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