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13 January, 2021
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25 January, 2021

ZAMORANO and INCAE launch Master in Agribusiness

The purpose of the innovative Master in Agribusiness is to prepare the agricultural sector to compete successfully in future markets within business and the rest of the world’s supply chains.

In order to address the competitive and technological global challenges that the Latin American and Caribbean agri-food sector faces, Zamorano and INCAE are launching an Agribusiness Master Program for experienced executives in the agro industrial and food sectors in the region. This program intends to develop professional capacities through executive education that positions graduates to benefit companies and agri-food organizations in Latin America.

For Jose Antonio Baltodano, Nicaraguan entrepreneur and founder of Mercon Coffee Group, the Graduate Program is an opportunity for his future. “I want to emphasize the importance for all of us involved in agroindustry, in the commercial as well as the production side, to gaining an enhanced knowledge of the financial side; how to analyze data, of the technical side of how to analyze a project from the beginning to the end. We are very optimistic about the opportunities ahead for agricultural businesses in our countries”, he expressed.

According to Dr. Bernard Kilian, Associate Dean, and INCAE´s Business School faculty member, the executive masters program targets people who already have professional experience in this sector, and positions them to assume management leadership roles in their organizations. “With this Master Program, we are looking to answer the biggest challenges facing the sector and preparing executives to compete successfully. The world is going forward and we cannot rely on classic models. We want to lend our support by training first class managers with international capacity”, he added.

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Dr. Felipe Pérez, Agribusiness Master´s Director, commented that there are multiple institutions of excellence in this region, and in addition to having a series of competitive advantages, it also faces a series of challenges. However, “We are trained to face these challenges successfully. We need to improve the agricultural innovation system, in which the institutions providing information do research and development, and the companies play an integral role”, he affirmed.

In that same context, Dr. Arie Sanders, Zamorano´s Graduate Associate Dean, added that there are significant challenges in diverse areas such as biotechnology, and so it is important for tomorrow’s students to understand opportunities, limitations and how to convert biotechnology into an attractive trade that contributes to the sustainable agricultural development of this region.

The part time masters program will begin in August of this year and will last six months. Learning areas include precision farming and agriculture 4.0, digital transformation and data analytics, food science and biotechnology, strategic planning and agri-food supply chain, markets and economies, as well as finance and accounting. The program will be held at Zamorano in Honduras and INCAE in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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