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Intern: Santiago Ismael Curimilma Ojeda, Environmental Science and Development

Santiago did his internship in the Environmental Sciences Research Laboratory (LARES) of the Agronomy Department at the University of Chile. There is a large amount of research done at this laboratory, mostly around environmental challenges relating to climate. Several tools are used for programming as well as for performing data analysis in a statistical way. One of the main jobs of the lab is making projections about the possibility of the arrival of invasive species between now and the year 2070. This work is done at the request of the agricultural and livestock services unit (SAG), a division of the government that is in charge of monitoring possible threats to the Chilean agricultural sector.

In addition to other jobs, this laboratory monitors areas most vulnerable to heat stress due to climate change. This is done using instruments found at the laboratory as well as by using data from weather stations located around study areas.

LARES not only has the ease of having information of the Chilean weather data, but also from all across the world. This is how the laboratory attends to national and international weather projects. In this way, Santiago enriched his knowledge about Chile and had access to data from other countries of interest to him. He was engaged working at stations on campus inspections and he learned how to use data provided by the stations.   He also learned how the stations function and how to correctly program instruments.

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