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28 January, 2021
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28 January, 2021

Ecuador: Preventing quarantine pests from entering the Galapagos Islands

Intern: Sandra Elizabeth Trigueros Rivas, Agribusiness Management.

Sandra did her internship at the Biosecurity Control and Quarantine Regulation Agency for Galapagos (ABG), Ecuador. She carried out various activities related to multiple quarantine barriers, developed normative and preventative directions, in addition to the surveillance and quality direction. This experience provided a vast and continuous learning opportunity for Sandra. It awakened in her a curiosity about the criteria to analyze and give innovative solutions to optimize decision making. These decisions impact the ecological integrity and conservation of the island’s ecosystems which are fundamental for the economic sustainable development of any region.

Sandra´s primary focus was to conduct an economic cost-benefit analysis of a phytosanitary treatment source (Fosfina), to prevent the entry of quarantine pests to the Galapagos Islands. She learned the important economic difference between making an investment in the first quarantine prevention barrier, versus corrective actions in the islands before the entrance of any plague.

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