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28 January, 2021
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24 February, 2021

Guatemala: Efficient handling of administrative and production processes in the meat industry.

Intern: Alejandro García, Food and Science Technology

Alejandro did his internship at Empacadora Toledo S.A. in the livestock industry division of the meat company Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI) located in Guatemala. He was assigned a project to unify the administrative production departments, from programming to packaging to dispatching of products. As its processes and flows are continuous, he searched for solutions through a balance on line. His objective was to increase the efficiency of the processes and to optimize resources.

From this experience, Alejandro explained that the company holds in high esteem its principles and values, and that its staff is high quality. “They are employees who work with a common purpose in a very nice work environment. Upon my arrival at the company, I received a warm welcome. Also they worry about staff training before they begin work. With the knowledge I gained, I will be able to participate in production and administrative chains within the meat industry in order to help with food security in my country”, he added.

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