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28 January, 2021
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28 January, 2021

United States: Horizontal transmission disease test.

Intern: Andrea Mariel Gómez Cabrera, Agricultural Science and Production

Andrea did her internship in the Poultry Science Department at North Carolina State University (NCSU). She was in charge of a horizontal transmission disease test for the multinational company, Cargill, based on the infection of Histomonas meleagridis in turkeys. The test included participating in design, bird breeding, disease evaluation and data analysis. Her internship also allowed her to gain laboratory experience running PCR diagnostics for H. meleagridis, Cochlosoma anatis and Heterakis gallinarum detection.

As part of her work, Andrea conducted training in animal welfare, blood samples, and bird processing. She participated in various experiments conducted by PhD and Master students. Among her many research activities, she helped with an experiment on different types of fibers in a turkey´s diet for better growth development.

“This internship opportunity was an unforgettable experience which opened for me the doors of knowledge in research and poultry science. It is of huge importance for the development of our Latin American countries to get involved in poultry farming. The Poultry Science Department of NCSU was an ideal opportunity for me to consolidate everything I have learned at Zamorano and also to make me proud of my Alma Mater”, noted Andrea.

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