24 February, 2021

Italy: Soil study for crop production

Intern: Luis Enrique Chinchilla Hernández- Agribusiness Management Luis did his internship at Udine University in Italy. The university frequently performs […]
23 February, 2021

AGEAP USA launches a mentorship program for 4th year students

This is the first time a mentorship program has been launched among the Zamorano graduates. In this initial stage, the […]
2 February, 2021

Drones: Zamorano’s Own is a Pioneer in Salvadorian Agriculture

Carlos Francisco Mercado Mata ’06 has vast experience in the commercialization of agricultural products for markets in El Salvador. His […]
1 February, 2021

Development of a workshop by consultants with European Union expertise : “Compliance of Forestry Law in Honduras”

Zamorano’s goal is to contribute to Honduran forestry value chains’ compliance with legal principles implemented by the European Union. With […]