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AGEAP USA Alumnus of the Month

Pablo Lamino Jaramillo
Ph.D. Student
Department of Environmental and Development Engineering
Texas Tech University

Pablo Lamiño Jaramillo, Ecuadorian from the class of 2017, graduated from the Department of Environmental Science and Development. He has a master´s degree in Agricultural Education and a graduate certificate in Food Security from Texas Tech University. He is now pursuing his doctoral degree in Agricultural Education and Communications, with a certificate in Agricultural Leadership and another certificate in Grants and Proposals at Texas Tech University.

Pablo got involved in agricultural education when he worked for a banana company; there he came to understand that agriculture could work as a powerful tool to empower minority groups. Recently, Pablo has been working with indigenous people from Honduras and Ecuador, training and teaching them about sustainable agriculture and food security. Building on his agricultural extension work, he plans to continue focusing on the development of opportunities for minorities and Latin American countries. Pablo also serves as president of the Zamoraiders, the Zaramono Alumni Association at Texas Tech, and is recognized for his outstanding initiatives, responsibility, and integrity.

AGEAP USA subchapter spotlight: Texas Tech University

The Texas Tech Subchapter represents Zamorano Alumni currently studying or doing an internship at Texas Tech University. The mission of “Zamoraiders” is to strengthen the relationships and support the personal, academic, and professional development of their members. Zamoraiders’ organization was created under the SOWAR program, the purpose of which is to give Latin-American youth the opportunity to experience the American learning system and return that learning to their countries. The Texas Tech relationship was launched in 2012 with one Zamorano intern who made an excellent impression and thus encouraged other professors to recruit more Zamoranos. Nowadays, the SOWAR program continues and serves as the door for interns to continue their academic preparation after Zamorano. During the early years of the organization, Zamoraiders was an exclusive organization for Zamorano Alumni. Last year, it opened its doors to any student involved in agriculture, animal science, food science, and environmental sciences interested in the webinars, conferences, and other academic and professional experiences shared within the organization. The members of the organization are all from different Latin American countries. Annually, Texas Tech University receives at least 12 Zamorano students to perform their internships. As an organization that represents Zamorano at Texas Tech University, Zamoraiders welcomes all the interns that come and helps them to live the best experience possible during their time in Lubbock, TX. Zamoraiders also helps interns to interact with faculty members and participate in conferences and poster presentations. Additionally, Zamoraiders members, especially Zamorano Alumni, serve as mentors in the intern’s daily activities and in their Zamorano research thesis for those who have the opportunity and choose to focus it on their work at Texas Tech.



Texas Tech University Zamoraiders

AGEAP USA 2021 Board Elections

On February 2nd, AGEAP USA celebrated elections for the 2021 Board. The elections were celebrated with the participation of representatives of the AGEAP USA subchapters around the U.S. Jonathan Clavijo (Bolivia, Class of 2015, Florida Subchapter) served as President-Elect (Vice-President) in 2020 and is now serving as the President. Johana Coronel (Ecuador, Class of 2013, Illinois Subchapter) has been elected as the new President-Elect. Eunice Centeno (El Salvador, Class of 2018, Purdue Subchapter) is the new Secretary. José Abascal (Guatemala, Class of 1994, West Coast Subchapter) has been elected as the new Treasurer. Shisbeth Tábora (Honduras, Class of 2017, Texas Tech Subchapter) will serve as the new Communications Coordinator. Ana Morales (Ecuador, Class of 2014, Purdue Subchapter) is the new Mentoring Program Coordinator. Former President Franklin Bonilla (Honduras, Class of 2014, Louisiana State Subchapter) will be serving as Advisor for the new board.

The 2021 AGEAP USA officers appreciate the 2020 Board, AGEAP USA members, and the support of all the Zamorano community. Their outstanding work has strengthened AGEAP USA as an organization and has converted it into an important platform to support our Alma Mater, Zamorano students, and graduates. The openness to new ideas, teamwork, and dedication have made it possible to transform initiatives into reality. The 2021 Board will continue working following those values, towards the achievement of goals that AGEAP USA has already established, and also new projects. Suggestions, ideas, and initiatives from our Zamorano community are always welcome.

Labor Omnia Vincit

2021 Board


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