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2 March, 2021

Welcoming Zamorano’s 12th President: Tanya Müller García

“Zamorano is Looking for a New President”

An inspirational, visionary and multicultural woman or man to lead the university forward”

When Zamorano’s Presidential Search Committee posted the job announcement for the next president of Zamorano, this was their charge and their proclamation.

Tanya Müller García

“We were committed to recruiting an exceptional leader uniquely positioned to lead Zamorano forward in its next chapter of evolution and growth, while understanding and respecting the history and culture of the institution,” said Oscar Luzuriaga, Search Committee Chair and Finance Chair of the Board of Trustees. “In President Müller García, we are confident that we have found that person.”

President Müller García is steeped in Zamorano’s history and culture; she is a Zamorano alumna. She graduated from Zamorano’s Agronomist Program in 1996 and from its Agricultural Engineer Program in 1998. After graduation, she completed her master’s degree in International Agriculture Economic Management from Humboldt University of Berlin.

President Müller García currently serves as Director of Climate Action Planning Latin America for the organization C40 Cities, which promotes the design and adoption of programs on climate change in megacities around the world. In that role, she is responsible for coordinating agendas related to compliance with the Paris Agreement in 12 Latin American cities. She is also the president of the Environment Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce Mexico (ICC MEXICO).

President Müller García was Secretary of the Environment of Mexico City (CDMX) from 2012 to 2018, where she provided leadership for the implementation of innovative public policies with attention to gender equality. During her tenure, she promoted the adoption of climate change programs, the CDMX Resilience Strategy, the issuance of the first green bond and carbon credit in the region by a local government, and advances in environmental regulation, air quality and soil conservation. Throughout her professional career she has worked in sectors ranging from the production, export and marketing of produce to the direction and administration of environmental projects at a variety of scales.

An international lecturer on sustainability-related issues, President Müller García is also known for her influence and implementation of major, large-scale international agreements. She is a recognized champion of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in the area of inclusion.

“President Müller García’s extensive experience in the management and development of institutions at an international level has prepared her well for this appointment, and her vision for Zamorano is bold and inspiring,” said Erik Peterson, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

“Her expertise and stature in the realm of climate action, sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals is particularly timely as well. In June 2019, the Board of Trustees adopted a Resolution on the Environment that affirms an elevated focus on agriculture’s impacts on the environment and natural resources, and our institutional commitment to promoting sustainable practices that avoid degradation of soil, water, and air, fragmentation of habitats, and loss of wildlife. We will benefit greatly from her experience as we enlarge Zamorano’s leadership in this arena.”

President Müller García will formally assume the presidency upon her arrival at Zamorano in mid-April 2021.

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