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2 March, 2021



Zamorano AGEAP USA Alumnus of the Month 

Carlos Galdamez B.S.
in Animal Science
M.S. in Dairy Science, Kansas State University
Dairy Industry Expert

Carlos Galdamez, alias Goxila, is a Zamorano graduate of the Class of 1985. Originally from Honduras, Carlos went on to receive a B.S. in Animal Science and a master’s degree in Dairy Science from Kansas State University (KSU).

Carlos is an expert on the largest dairy industry in the United States, spanning the western states, Canada and Mexico. His vast expertise has catapulted him to become an icon in the area.

Always keeping in mind his origins from Honduras and his training at Zamorano, Carlos characterizes himself as a dedicated professional focused on the dairy industry.  This perspective led him to consolidate his objectives in his time at KSU and under the mentorship of his colleague Doctor Burgos.

He currently works in the area of ​​probiotics for ruminants as an associate in the company Bio-Vet, and as an independent consultant focused on animal nutrition and the promotion of cutting-edge technologies in the dairy industry.

A great father and consummate professional, Carlos is also characterized by his love for his alma mater, Zamorano, and his unconditional support of his fellow alumni.  He is always willing to open doors in the dairy industry for colleagues. That is why we recognize him today as “El Zamorano of the month” for the AGEAP West Coast USA Chapter. Many hugs to Carlos and his family, wishing him, as always, many successes for the future.

AGEAP USA subchapter spotlight: West Coast

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Three years ago, a group of Zamoranos residing in California took the initiative in founding AGEAP West Coast USA Subchapter. Currently, the subchapter is composed mostly by Zamoranos in the states of California, Oregon and Arizona.

The West Coast USA subchapter represents Zamorano in the area, and is currently made up of more than 50 members. The majority of the members are professionals working in different companies in industries such as: flower production and marketing, seed, vegetable production and marketing, marketing of inputs, agricultural research companies, inputs, livestock production, food, dairy, logistics, food safety etc., in addition to academic and research roles at area universities such as UC Davis, Cal Poly, Riverside, Arizona and others.

Among activities that we have carried out and we want to emphasize more in the future are field trips to the production areas in the region, social meetings between Zamoranos to promote community and openness for new members, interaction with Zamorano authorities during their visits to the area to provide real feedback on future challenges, agricultural fairs, internship and job opportunities, and professional interaction in general with the entire Zamorano community.

One of the main objectives that we have set ourselves as a subchapter is to promote job and business opportunities for the entire Zamorano community around the world. We also serve as a bridge to connect new markets and technologies in agribusiness.

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