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21 April, 2021
Employees satisfied and proud that Zamorano has received the Great Place to Work® (GPTW) certification
13 May, 2021

Zamorano receives certification as “The Best Places to Work®” in Central America and the Caribbean

To achieve this distinction, the Great Place to Work® study evaluated employees’ pride in belonging to an institution for its history, impact, reputation, teamwork, job stability and the stimulating environment provided by its physical facilities.

For promoting a culture based on values, high trust and good labor practices, Zamorano received with pride and commitment the Great Place to Work® certification “The Best Places to Work®” in Central America and the Caribbean from the 2021 ranking. Excellence in the organizational climate placed the university at number 13, highlighting it as one of the best organizations to work for in the region in the 500-1000 employee category.

The certification seal that accredited Zamorano as an excellent workplace is the result of a diagnosis of the work environment that measures the perception of employees regarding the organization, as well as for exceeding the qualification on organizational climate and culture with merits. It should be noted that of the 145 organizations surveyed, only 132 of them were part of this 2021 ranking, in which  Zamorano managed to hold a privileged position.

The recognition awarded by Great Place to Work® is the result of the evaluation of the workers’ perceptions. Some of the influencing factors include the pride, respect, impartiality, camaraderie and credibility reflected by the collaborators in the evaluation. The history, impact and reputation of Zamorano in its public reputation  worldwide was also praised, as was the job stability and the work environment as stimulating, largely due to its ideal physical facilities. At the event, the importance of Zamorano in Honduras and in the region was exalted, forming leaders who contribute to the development of the agricultural sector.

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According to the Director of Human Resources at Zamorano, Lic. Alexandra Alemán, “For Zamorano, obtaining recognition of this magnitude represents an opportunity to engage in a process of continuous improvement. It is positioned to improve not only in its institutional mission of training leaders, but also in contributing to the development of countries and students through a team of collaborators who trust those who lead them”.

“For Zamorano’s team of leaders, this recognition becomes an even greater commitment to all employees who are part of the institution. Through this measurement, we have managed to identify the strengths of the organizational culture, but also the opportunities for improvement. On the path to reaching our goals, it is very important not to lose sight of the human factor. The greater participation of the collaborators in the coordinated work towards our common goals will make us even better”, she concluded.

Zamorano is confident that in institutions enabled with a good organizational climate, employees are even more willing to give the best of themselves, daring to propose innovative ideas and boost productivity. Continuous improvement is a process to obtain positive results and today allows Zamorano to reach international recognition.

Great Place to Work® is a global research, training and consulting company that helps organizations identify, create and maintain great workplaces through the development of trusted workplace cultures.

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