20 May, 2021

Webinar: finances for agriculture, long-term investments

Agricultural companies currently face various challenges, and must be clear about the financial procedures to be carried out to promote […]
19 May, 2021

ZAMORANO research article among the most downloaded in a prestigious scientific journal from the United States.

Dr. Yordan Martínez’s article has become the third most downloaded in the last 90 days and the fourth most popular […]
19 May, 2021

Alltech ONE provides access to the “Ideas Conference” to teachers and students of ZAMORANO

Zamorano´s teachers and students will have access to an interactive space, where trends on market changes, livestock, aquaculture, pets and […]
13 May, 2021

Employees satisfied and proud that Zamorano has received the Great Place to Work® (GPTW) certification

The recognition granted by GPTW to ZAMORANO is the result of an evaluation of the work environment that measures the […]
12 May, 2021

Carlos Torrebiarte, a life dedicated to investments and philanthropy

At ZAMORANO he learned that failure is a lesson that must be overcome with hard and honest work. Carlos Torrebiarte, […]
11 May, 2021

Benefits of shade and the addition of nitrogen fertilizers in coffee production

Title: Effect of nitrogen fertilization and shade type in soil quality and nitrogen assimilation in Ecuadorian Amazon Coffea canephora agroecosystems. […]
11 May, 2021

Rapid detection of pathogenic microorganisms in food

Title:Optimization of phage-based pathogen detection during sample shipment. Author: Roberto Siu Loung Cheing Ganchozo (Ecuador). Advisors: Mayra Márquez González, Ph.D. […]
11 May, 2021

Methodology to assist US producers in the use of agricultural insurance

Title: Optimization of Phage-Based Pathogen Detection during Sample Shipment Author: José María García Díaz (Ecuador). Advisors: Julio Rendón C., Mtr. […]
11 May, 2021

Analysis of polymorphisms in the lactoferrin gene in Holstein cattle

Title:Analysis of polymorphisms in the lactoferrin gene as indicators of mastitis in Holstein cattle from Zamorano. Author: Pablo Alejandro Valladares […]
10 May, 2021

Development Writer/Researcher

Job Summary To support Zamorano University in achieving its ambitious plans, the U.S. Office of Institutional Development is hiring experienced […]