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Thanks to the commitment and vision of several Zamorano graduates who were the driving force behind this world renowned brand, Dole Fresh Fruit International, an agreement was signed to provide two full scholarships for incoming first-year students in January 2022, one for a Honduran young woman, Maria José Collart, and one for a Costa Rican young man, Greivin Fernandez.

Dole Fresh Fruit’s generosity will be tremendously significant for these young students, not only for their four years of education, but for their lives beyond Zamorano. This year they begin their journeys to become equipped with the knowledge and the skills that they need to help ensure a bright future filled with possibilities.

This collaboration between Dole Fresh Fruit and Zamorano serves as an example of how inspired and accomplished alumni can render back to the University the generosity they once received as young Zamorano hopefuls themselves.  As they are esteemed contributors to their global brands, these Dole Fresh Fruit employees are reflecting their passion for their alma mater and crediting it for instilling personal character that has helped inform their corporate success.

Zamorano’s Class of 2025 Dole Fresh Fruit scholars are very grateful and wanted to share the following words:

Greivin Fernandez: “I am here at Zamorano to become a professional who has graduated from the best agricultural university thanks to Dole Fresh Fruit’s support. I am very honored that you have placed your trust in me to award me with a scholarship and I assure you that I am totally committed to giving my 100% to my education and in the future to be able to reward you for this great opportunity.”

Maria Jose Collart: “I consider Zamorano to be synonymous with success and that is why I had applied to this prestigious university. I felt enormous joy when I was notified that Dole Fresh Fruit would be sponsoring my education and at the same time I felt a great commitment to dedicate myself to my studies. I am very confident in my abilities, and I want to thank you too for trusting in me as you have!”

Zamorano joins these bright young students in gratitude to Dole Fresh Fruit for making this dream a reality.  We are also grateful to our loyal alumni whose daily performance exemplifies the strength and excellence of a Zamorano education, helping elevate these companies’ success as global brands in the region.

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