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Strategic Plan 2022

Strategic Line 1

Zamorano and the World

Bring the world to Zamorano and bring Zamorano to the world through the deployment of knowledge, new technologies and centers of exchange and excellence with a specific mechanism to provide the required flexibility.

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Strategic Line 2

Organizational Culture

Build a culture of change and expansion in Zamorano, which implies less aversion to risk, betting on constant innovation, better communication and greater accountability to stakeholders.

Strategic Line 3

Curriculum Reform

Adopt agile and adaptable learning methodologies and platforms to introduce topics of high future relevance into the programs, modernizing the campus and improving the Zamorano experience.

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Strategic Line 4

Regional and Global Center

Transform the campus into a regional and global center for innovation, entrepreneurship, agrotechnologies for Latin America and best practices for our corporate, community and government clients, thus closing the technology gap.