Superior Management

The Panamerican Agricultural School, ZAMORANO UNIVERSITY, was founded in 1942. It is registered in the State of Delaware, United States as a non-profit corporation and has the status of a higher learning institution.

The highest authority of ZAMORANO is the Board of Trusteess, which is composed of professionals of great international prestige and individuals renowned for their philanthropic work and business savviness.

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The Board is responsible for making major decisions about the university’s management, including the election of the President, Academic Dean and Department Directors, as well as the approval of the Strategic Plan. Internally, the Board of Trustees is headed by a Board of Directors led by a chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary, whose work is done through committees.

The supervision of the academic programs and the administrative units of Zamorano is the responsibility of the President, who is the highest authority within the Campus.

The President is in charge of ensuring compliance with the macro objectives dictated by the Board of Trustees, to whom she/he reports the progress of her/his administration.

ZAMORANO has an Academic Deanship headed by the Academic Dean, who is in charge of ensuring the execution of the academic curriculum and educational programs. Attached to the Academic Deanship is the Associate Deanship for Students, which is in charge of ensuring the well-being of students and applying disciplinary actions. Also attached to the Academic Deanship are the Directors of the five ZAMORANO Departments.

For its operational management, ZAMORANO has an Executive Council made up of the following offices: Institutional Development Office, Finance Office, Physical Plant and Services Office, and Human Resources Office. Likewise, several units operate within these offices.

ZAMORANO also has international representation offices in a number of the countries it serves, including Bolivia, United States, Guatemala, Panama, the Andean Region (Ecuador and Peru) and Honduras, which is the headquarters country of the institution.