Professional Services

Zamorano’s infrastructure is equipped with specialized laboratories and agroindustrial plants with state-of-the-art technology to offer a wide range of services to the agricultural and environmental sectors of the Latin American region.

Food Science and Technology

  • Food Microbiology Laboratory
  • Food Analysis Laboratory
  • Human Nutrition Laboratory
  • Grains and Seeds Laboratory
  • Sensory Analysis Laboratory
  • Food Engineering Laboratory
  • Dairy Plant
  • Meat Plant
  • Seed Processing Plant
  • Food Innovation Plant
  • Post-harvest Horticultural Plant
  • Horticultural Processing Plant
  • Coffee Processing Plant (part of the Zamorano Coffee Center)
  • Beekeeping Plant
  • Animal Concentrate Plant
servicios Agroindustria Alimentaria

Agricultural Science and Production

servicios Ciencia y Producción Agropecuaria
  • Soil Laboratory
  • Biological Control Unit
  • Phytopathology Laboratory
  • Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • Applied Biotechnology Laboratory of the Crop Research and Development Unit
  • Animal Reproduction Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Entomological Collection

Environmental Science and Development

  • Water Quality and Environmental Analysis Laboratory
  • Bioenergy Laboratory
  • Environmental Microbiology Laboratory
  • Improved Stove Evaluation Center
  • Zamorano Renewable Energy Center
  • Geographic Information Systems Laboratory
  • Zamorano Forestry Unit
  • Zamorano Agroecological Farm
  • Zamorano Biodiversity Center
  • Paul C. Standley Herbarium
servicios Ciencias Ambientales y Desarrollo