Graduates in Agribusiness Management are prepared for a broad range of workplace roles in the areas of administration and financial management.

Agribusiness Management

The countries that Zamorano serves require that our future professionals offer a new dynamism, particularly to companies in the agricultural sector, in order to improve local economies. A graduate of the Department of Agribusiness Management is able to manage human, financial and productive resources by identifying opportunities offered by local and international markets. Graduates with this specialization are prepared to work in any field of management, in any company. They will offer particular strengths in the practical application of these concepts to businesses related to agricultural inputs, production, services, food processing, and marketing and exporting.

Professional skills

Analyze and diagnose the enterprise sector - at the micro and macro levels - to suggest strategies for developing competitiveness. Analyze and diagnose companies to suggest measures to ensure or promote their strategic sustainability. Study the market and perform business intelligence. Make business plans and investment projects. Organize companies and manage human resources. Join and lead teams, forging agreement on effective solutions. Analyze the efficiency of production systems, linking the issue of business and its relationship with value chains. Establish and implement quality assurance programs. Perform financial analysis. Develop production schedules and material requirements in the field and in processing facilities.