Acquired capabilities

The graduate of the School of Agribusiness Management is an engineer that can analyze complex situations, identify problems, make decisions and commit to them. It is proactive, competitive and aware of their strengths and weaknesses, which fail to serve your company, its customers and achieve personal and professional success.

An engineer Agribusiness Management is able to develop the following types of work:

  • Analysis and diagnosis of the agricultural sector enterprise, sectoral and macro, to suggest strategies for developing competitive level.
  • Analysis and diagnostics companies to suggest measures to ensure or promote the strategic sustainability of the same.
  • Market research and business intelligence.
  • Business plans and investment projects.
  • Business organization and management of human resources.
  • It performs adequately in teams, leading them and found agreements with effective solutions.
  • Analysis of efficiency of production systems - linking business theme and its relation to value chains.
  • Quality control programs
  • Financial analysis.
  • Production schedules and material requirements in the field and processing plants.

Although the emphasis and expertise are geared to agricultural products, the professional can adapt their knowledge to companies in other sectors.

Other knowledge and skills offered by the Department

It has also trained state officials who do outreach, to thereby better target the efforts and investments of the state into activities that really have prospects of strategic sustainability..

Additionally career it supported with technical assistance in trade and financial production aspects to many rural SMEs in their business development, many of these are still operating in the market, despite the great difficulty for SMEs to survive.

The consulting firms contacted teachers with the current reality of the companies which will benefit is a way for teachers to update their knowledge so as to rapidly changing business environments apply.