Learning by Doing

Marketing module:

Through marketing module, our students acquire and implement knowledge about the management and control of the operations of a retail sales position. They engage in activities such as category management, customer service, "merchandising", channel marketing, inventory management, quality control, and relationships with partners. This allows them to develop entrepreneurial skills through contact with the links of the value chain to which they are exposed in their institutional learning by doing.

Paid: MAE, Martin Leal / Instructor: Elsa González.

Cost module:

The career of Agribusiness Management offers students of third year of Zamorano experience to know and use basic to establish standard costs in enterprises in the agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial area tools, using university units and companies that maintain productive operations campus and agro SMEs located in the range of Zamorano. For two weeks, participants will receive lectures and theoretical material on the concepts of process flows, standard costing and costing systems, and are then grouped into different work teams to which they are commissioned on a study of standard costing a product or process. This study ultimately enters a database managed in AGN, which allows updating the information the technical managers of the production units and managers of agro SMEs benefit, keep on reference costs.

Paid: MAE, Marcos Vega / Instructor: Ing. Oswaldo Pérez

Specialized Learning by Doing modules Fourth Year:

Students of the School of Agribusiness Management, in the last year working on a module final application of the knowledge learned in the theoretical courses and Learning by Doing General. The purpose of this module is for students to strengthen their skills diagnosis of the problems facing the agricultural company; identifying alternative solutions to the problem; monetary quantification; Evaluation and development of the implementation plan of the most viable alternative. To achieve these educational goals, students serve as assistant to the management of various companies and other university centers existing production and generation costs Zamorano.

Your role will be to assist decision makers in the systematic collection of relevant information; organization and analysis and summary presentation to facilitate decision-making by the people responsible for these centers. For this, students will incorporate full time, during the last two quarters of his career to the assigned centers. According to their professional interest and based on the demand, students could be assigned to modules selected by them according to your preference. This possibility adds flexibility to student training, focusing its efforts on issues that matter most to you. The performance evaluation is done according to the quality of the previously defined deliverables.

Paid: Dr. Fredi Arias.