Job skills

A graduate from the Agricultural Sciences and Production Department has extensive, in-depth, and detailed knowledge of national and international agricultural and livestock production. Scientific bases provide our graduates with the capacity to analyze and implement lessons learned, through leadership skills marked by professional integrity, creativity, and social and environmental responsibility.
Our graduate’s profile allows him/her to:
  • Apply knowledge and skills to agricultural and livestock production by identifying and applying basic concepts and procedures based on the analysis of scientific information.
  • Continuously improve agricultural and livestock processes by identifying and generating opportunities for improvement and innovation in the production chain, while using adequate technologies and implementing equitable and sustainable distribution of resources.
  • Design, develop, and implement agricultural and livestock processes in a sustainable manner and with social responsibility, demonstrating the commitment to the community.
  • Identify, analyze, assess, and solve problems in agricultural and livestock production systems, based on the evaluation and interpretation on information.
  • Collaborate in planning and implementation processes of good agricultural practices, complying to professional commitments by leading with ethics, creativity, and social and environmental responsibility.
  • Master verbal and written communication skills.
  • Use information technologies as tools for improving performance and continue learning.
  • Adapt and perform with ease in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, as well as in environments that require working under pressure.
  • Demonstrate high academic performance, initiative, and the capacity to present and generate top-level research projects when coursing graduate studies.