Job skills

The Agronomist, Department of Agricultural Science and Production has broad, deep and detailed knowledge of agricultural and livestock production, both nationally and internationally. These scientific foundations give you the ability to analyze and implement the disciplines learned through leadership characterized by their professional ethics, creativity and social and environmental responsibility.

Our agronomist has a profile that lets you:

  • Apply their knowledge and skills in agricultural production, identifying and applying fundamental concepts and processes based on the analysis of scientific information in the agricultural area.
  • Continuously improve agricultural processes, identifying and creating opportunities for improvement and innovation in the chain of agricultural production using appropriate technologies.
  • Design, develop and implement agricultural production processes sustainably and socially responsible, demonstrating its commitment to the community.
  • Analyze, evaluate and solve problems in agricultural production systems based on the evaluation and interpretation of information.
  • Collaborate in the planning and implementation of good agricultural practices in implementing their professional commitments oriented ethics, creativity and social and environmental responsibility leadership.
  • It communicates effectively both oral and written.
  • Uses information technology as a means to improve performance and demonstrates safety and domain of their profession.
  • It fits and carries easily in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams and environments that require work under pressure.
  • It is characterized by its high academic performance when developing postgraduate studies.