Food Science and Technology graduates are professionals able to successfully perform in the regional and global food industry.

We base our teaching on the application of practical training, combined with the application of science and research in new technologies within the food industry.
Food Science and Technology

For decades, Latin America has been an exporter of raw materials without having the experience to transform them. Through the Food Science and Technology Department, Zamorano trains professionals specialized in processing agricultural products to create added value that addresses regional challenges such as developing emerging economies towards industrialization and strengthening their competitiveness in a globalized world. 
The Food Science and Technology Department bases its teaching on practical work, combined with science and research in new technologies in the food industry. In addition, it applies a comprehensive training program, integrating basic and agricultural sciences, food technology and engineering, industrial engineering and business and process management, to apply in processing, marketing and added value processes of food products and their related management aspects.

Professional skills

- Transforming agricultural raw materials into value-added products;
- Developing and promoting agro-industrial companies;
- Developing new products;
- Managing and controlling the quality of raw materials, transformation processes and final products; 
- Promoting food safety and security;
- Commercializing edible and non-edible agricultural products; 
- Implementing agro-industrial research or investment projects; 
- Contributing to the development of the agro-industrial rural sector; and
- Coordinating and advising agro-industrial projects and programs.