Zamorano is the only university in the area with an agro-industrial park where students do practical work , learning and being a direct part of the process of industrial food processing , we also have testing laboratories and food microbiology , where students assessed its safety, quality and shelf life , as well as a pilot for the development of new products plant.

Food Analysis Laboratory


Microbiology Laboratory

_0002_Microbiologia 3941

Grain and Seed Laboratory


Sensory Analysis Laboratory

_0002_Análisis Sensorial 3857

Human Nutrition Laboratory

_0015_Nutrición Humana 3911

Dairy Processing Plant

_0006_Planta de Lácteos3787

Meat Processing Plant

_0010_Planta de Carnicos 3725

Seed Processing Plant

planta de granos_0006_DSC_5706

Plant Food Innovation

_0003_innovacion de alimentos3830

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant

_0011_planta hortofruticola 4441

Honey and Derivatives Processing Plant

_0006_Apicola 4229