Meat Processing Plant

The plant has a total area of ​​1005 m² (10,812 ft²), with animal harvest areas (red meat) boning channels and study of animal anatomy and processing of raw materials for the production of sausages. Groups of 14 students complete their third year learning by doing.

The Meat Plant Zamorano is a university company where students have the opportunity to meet and be part of the productive and industrial processes ranging from the receipt of animals (cattle, pigs, etc.) and harvesting thereof, deboning work and deboning of channels and processing raw materials for the production of various sausages and final products. The plant is governed by a comprehensive system of hygiene, safety and occupational safety, including programs BPM, SOPS, HACCP.

Adhering teaching purposes, produces products for an increasingly demanding market. The plant processes about 15,000 pounds of beef and pork 17,000 monthly, mainly from beef cattle Zamorano, promoting the production chain vision that students receive. Currently over 30 meat products sold in the market of the two main cities of Honduras, as well as supplying their own needs meat consumption are developed at the University.

The education of students is the main objective of the Meat Plant and it develops in a business and competitive environment. It is also a place in a permanent state of research and development where new products are developed with the potential to position itself in the market as well as new, more efficient processes. The products come through graduation projects that the students of fourth year and project development of new products third-year class of Science and Technology of Meat and projects undertaken by students during their rotation. Since 2004 we have developed a series of innovative products, the most recent are: A frankfurter with cheese and chili; Andalusian meat sticks and chorizo.

All knowledge and experience Zamorano obtained through research into the meat plant, it does not stay within the limits of the campus. Meat Plant Zamorano provides a range of services for the private sector such thematic training courses safety of meat plants, processing instruction in meat products, new product development and design development for processing plants. Zamorano offers these services to companies in Honduras and throughout the region.