Milk Processing Plant

The dairy plant has 720m², with an installed capacity to process 2,500 gallons of milk per 8-hour shift capacity. They have 10 areas where 17 students can rotate during 4 weeks of the module, with the production lines as follows: fluid milk, yogurt, ice cream, cream, butter, fresh and aged cheeses.

Dairy Plant has a laboratory for quality testing of raw milk and finished products. The laboratory has 12 computers to analyze samples of raw milk and finished products. Laboratory tests in the total aerobes, coliforms and physicochemical tests milk quality such as fat, protein, density, total solids and antibiotics are performed. This laboratory also provides services to outside producers or private companies to perform the analyzes that they require their dairy products or raw milk.

Processing capacity: Total installation of the plant occupies about 720 square meters, it contains 42 equipment for processing of dairy and 5 cold rooms for storage of finished products, raw materials and for ripening cheese. The plant has 8 teaching areas for processing dairy products:

Area receipt: receipt of milk and skim it.

Area Laboratory chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory analysis of raw materials and finished product.

Processing area: standardization of milk according to fat percentage required for the production of each product. Online Pasteurization (HTST) 800 Gal per hour, batch pasteurization (LTLT) in pasteurizers 450 Gal 120 Gal per batch per batch, homogenizing milk two homogenizers 800 and 450 Gal Gal hour by hour.

Area milk packaging: packaging of fluid milk cans polyethylene high density (HDPE) gallon and half gallon, and prepack bag of low density polyethylene (LDPE).

Area of ​​cheese: queseras are three tubs for processing of fresh and aged cheeses.

Cheese packing area: packed fresh cheeses and ripened in bags (pouches) for vacuum packed in packages pound and 45-pound blocks.

Ice cream and yogurt Area: 7 processing and packaging ice cream flavors in 3 presentations. Processing and packaging of 4 flavors of yogurt.

Area office: inventory management finished product, dispatch the same to internal and external customers of the plant.

The production lines are as follows:

fluid milk: semi-skim milk 2.0% fat.

Skim milk 0.5% fat.

Milk chocolate flavored with 1.5% fat.

Yoghurt: 4 flavors of yogurt smoothie.

Ice-cream ice cream 15% fat.

Creams: sour cream.

Butter: butter yellow bar.

Fresh cheeses: Cottage, Zamodelphia, Zamorela, Cream, chili and Processing.

ripened cheeses: Dambo, Cheddar


Each year research topics in dairy products are made in the following areas:

Development of new products.

Development and implementation of new technologies and quality control plans.

Development and implementation of new process technologies and production.

Development and implementation of equipment maintenance plans.

Economic studies of various products.

Conservation methods