Plant Food Innovation

The Agroindustrial Plant Research and Development (PAID) is an education and training center, established in 2004 as an initiative for innovation in science and technology of food agro-industrial products.

As part of its Learning by Doing specialized students Race Agribusiness have the opportunity to perform applied research in an environment that promotes innovation.

The PAID facilities are unique in its kind in Honduras: feature modern process area (300 m2), a sensory evaluation laboratory (65 m2), office areas (150 m2) and a classroom with capacity for 50 people.

Our clients include: MSMEs, organizations, processors and / or other entities related to the food industry. We provide technical advice (with the support of specialists from the Food Agroindustry career), development of products and processes, training, facility rental and sensory evaluation studies.Capabilities in process area Process area is equipped with the latest technology to perform various unit operations at the pilot level, including:

  • dehydration
  • Scalding
  • Particle size reduction
  • Extraction of juices and oils
  • homogenization
  • Cooking
  • Pasteurization
  • Baked
  • commercial sterilization
  • Packing

Laboratory capabilities Sensory Evaluation Sensory Evaluation Laboratory has an area of ​​cubicles equipped with computers, an area of ​​discussion and preparation area and storage. Services offered include:

  • Discrimination tests
  • Consumer tests (affective)
  • descriptive analysis

Grain Processing Laboratory Recently, the PAID houses the Grain Processing Laboratory, where freshmen make products from grains and at the same time have an induction to research and development in food.