Seeds Processing Plant

Zamorano’s Seeds Processing Plant provides a hands-on learning experience unique in Latin America. Students learn to process seeds for industrial purposes going through each of the preconditioning and conditioning stages (drying, cleaning, treatment, and packaging). All finished products comply with quality standards for internal and external markets.

The plant has a laboratory for determining humidity in seeds, 1,000-quintal capacity seed drying equipment, and specialized equipment to separate seeds by size and quality. Also, it has industrial mills, special scales, and two storage silos with a capacity of 3,500 and 5,000 quintals respectively.

The Zamorano plant is the second greatest of its kind in Central America and covers the regional demand for infrastructure from multinational companies that require conditioning services for seed distribution.

Same as the Dairy Processing Plant, this facility receives raw materials from Zamorano and local producers, which are classified by producer, variety, and origin.



Associate Professor / Technical Head of the Concentrate Feeds and Seeds Plant