Seed Processing Plant

Plant seeds Zamorano offers a unique hands-on learning experience at the university level in Latin America. In it, students learn to process seed for industrial purposes, following each of the areas of preconditioning and conditioning (in drying, cleaning, processing and packaging). The product made by them meets quality standards for both the domestic market and foreign markets.

In equipment, the plant has a laboratory in which the moisture content of the seeds, drying machines with a capacity of 1,000 bushels, and specialized to separate by size and quality team is determined. also it has industrial mills, special scales and two storage silos with a capacity of 3,500 and 5,000 quintals respectively.

It is the second largest of its kind in Central America plant. Supple addition, the regional demand for infrastructure required by mainly multinational companies that need packaging services for the distribution of seeds.

Like the dairy plant, this plant receives raw material both Zamorano as local producers, same as it is divided by its producer, variety and place of origin.


One of the biggest challenges for the plant is the preservation and storage of seeds at low cost. Fourth-year students of the Department of Food Technology (AGI), perform tests with ferméticos systems, which consist of a significant reduction of 20% to 5% of the oxygen used in camera, this means a lower cost for cooling and once lessen the environmental impact.


At the local level, such as plant seeds, Zamorano trains grain producers and seed growers becomes. Les offers courses on topics irrigation, conditioning, storage and packaging. It is estimated that the change of activity has led to an increase of 20% in profits. With the Government of Honduras, through the Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG), it has an agreement called the Productive Safety Bono. This consite in the conservation of maize, beans and sorghum to be distributed among the producers in times of crisis. The plant materials also conditions for agricultural products company Monsanto, especially in the storage and distribution of commercial hybrids, using high-tech systems.