Grains and Seeds Laboratory

This laboratory was created to assess the quality of raw materials from products under process and finished products from the Seeds and Formulated Feeds Plant in Zamorano.

Today, the Grains and Seeds Laboratory offers services to the public from the agro-industrial sector.


- Consultancies and trainings in postharvest management of grains and in preparation and conservation of seeds.

- Quality analysis of seeds (corn, beans, sorghum, soy, rice, and forages).

- Quality analysis of basic grains.


We have two laboratories, each with an area of 75 m2. Our offices include an area of 30 m2 and our warehouse, 20 m2. The methods we apply for analyzing germination, vigor, and damage, as well as our sampling procedures comply with ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) standards.



Associate Professor / Technical Head of the Concentrate Feeds and Seeds Plant