Sensory Analysis Laboratory

The sensory analysis of foods evaluates the organoleptic or sensory qualities of food such as appearance, odor, taste, texture, and sound; these attributes are studied through panels of consumers or trained personnel for judging.

This laboratory was established to offer support to the food industry by determining the key quality aspects of products and consumer acceptance.


We offer services such as product analysis, trainings, and consultancies for sample implementation, design and assembly of laboratories, and training of personnel.

Service include:

- Discrimination testing: Differences between products or formulas.

- Affective testing: Preference or acceptance of products by the consumer


Our modern facilities include:

- An area with ten cubicles equipped with computers for collecting and analyzing data.

- An area for roundtables and discussions, training of judges, and interaction with consumers.

- A preparation and storage area.



Assistant Professor, Technical Head of the Food Innovation Plant