Job Skills


The Food Science and Technology department forms professionals with extensive knowledge of the agro-industrial sector and its impact on Latin American countries and the world. Our graduates are able to successfully implement different disciplines in science, technology, research, entrepreneurship, and social and environmental responsibility. Furthermore, they can identify the quality of commodities, can transform them to create added value, and have managerial skills for successfully running agro-industrial businesses.

All these characteristics, together with the strong values and leadership skills that characterize a Zamorano, create a specialized and capable Agro-industrial engineer.


A food and science technology engineer is characterized for being:

  1. A specialist in Agro-industrial Processes. Identifies, analyzes, and solves problems within food distribution chains, process lines, agribusiness companies, and consumers.
  2. A specialist in processing of commodities. Preserves and transforms commodities into safe and high-quality products, focusing on the consumer and using sustainable and safe technologies.
  3. A creator of new products and food services. Generates innovative ideas for developing new food products and production lines, designing processes, and proposing and applying scientific research initiatives.
  4. An entrepreneur to agribusiness. Identifies opportunities and organizes, adapts, and secures resources to undertake sustainable agribusiness activities.

With skills:

  1. Communicates effectively and uses information technologies alongside research and communications skills as work tools and means of self-learning.
  2. Behaves ethically and with high social and environmental responsibility, improving social impact in his/her personal and professional activities.
  3. Team worker and efficient under pressure.
  4. Lives, works and strengthens relationships with and among various cultural groups.
  5. Team worker and efficient under pressure.
  6. Solves conflictive situations objectively, using critical thinking and focusing on results.