Letter from the Director


Department Director


Welcome to Zamorano’s Food Science and Technology Department. We hope the information here will answer your questions and encourage you to join our distinguished program.

The Food Science and Technology Department was born in 1999 as a response to the necessity of the business market for professionals with superior skills in the agro-industrial sector. Today, countries seek the development of quality and safe products that have an added value; products that can compete in a globalized world where food is strictly regulated by the sanitary agencies of each country or region.

International Certifications Zamorano is currently the only university in the region whose academic program is certified by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

Top Level Professors The Food Science and Technology Department’s top level professors have Masters and PhD degrees, with specializations in their areas of focus.

Unique Infrastructure at the Service of Education and InnovationWe have a globally unique agro-industrial park with eight processing plants and four specialized laboratories available to students and outside customers.

Training of Value-added Leaders Our strict and comprehensive study program focuses in training leaders who can work successfully in the global food and agriculture business. The department stands out for its decisive effect on the formation of values and skills that complement and ensure the successful performance of our graduates. We have more than 400 graduates from over fifteen countries. Fifty-one percent of our graduates reach high management positions, and twenty-four percent have acquired masters and doctoral degrees from renowned universities. Also, the department has exchange programs with the universities of Arkansas, Illinois, Florida, Nebraska, Purdue, LSU, and Texas A&M, as well as internships with prestigious companies worldwide.

International Vision Currently, we implement national and regional development projects that contribute to the future of the agro-industrial sector. These projects include innovation, new product development, quality management, safety, and food packaging and labeling. We have a strong link with the regional industry which complements our program with the creation of cooperation and employment opportunities that benefit our students and graduates.

Constant Expansion and Evolution We seek to broaden our programs on non-food product processing such as timber, plastics, and textiles, and on nutrition and food services regarding research on processes for non-traditional food, seafood and poultry, and functional foods that contribute to consumer’s health.

We are waiting for you, and are positive that Zamorano will meet your expectations.