Letter from the Director

Adela Acosta

Profesora Asociada y Directora del Departamento de Agroindustria Alimentaria

Dear visitor:

I want to thank you for your interest in the Food Science and Technology Department at Zamorano. Our department stands out for offering added value to the curricula and competences of our students. We are a team committed to offering a diversified academic offer, reflecting the interests of the students and needs of society, of breathe and rigor, so that the students have experiences, practices and understandings that prepare them for the professional opportunities that they can aspire to. This web page has been designed so that you have the necessary information available. I invite you to browse it to learn more about our value proposal, activities, and initiatives.

The academic path of our Food Science and Technology degree builds the capacities that prepare students for the 21st century. Through courses, seminars, tours, graduation projects, extracurricular activities, and specialized Learning-by-Doing modules, among other activities, we cultivate the creativity, problem solving skills, communication, and critical thinking competences of our students. We have one of the most complete academic industrial parks in the world, with the analysis services of accredited laboratories and first-rate faculty, which is why we are one of the few Latin American universities that can offer a study program certified by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), which enables us to offer a world-class degree.

The characteristics of our Faculty, recognized specialists in various areas of the branches of food science and technology, food nutrition, safety, engineering and innovation, allow a wide offer of study and specialization for each of our students, an offer enhanced by the low instructor-student ratio, which currently is approximately six students per instructor.

Our work impacts the communities and societies we serve with food security, safety, nutrition and knowledge transfer and technology programs and projects, process optimization consultancies, formulations, packaging, and plant design. In addition, we run projects in collaboration with international, governmental, and private companies for the improvement of regional food items and nutrition. These projection and extension activities allow us to bring reality to the classroom and give a relevant and updated approach to all the subjects we teach.

Our links with graduates maintain our collaboration beyond the completion date of their studies, working on topics of mutual interest to strengthen collaboration links.

I invite you to know our resources and our study path offer. Please feel free to send an email so I can answer your questions. I would love to be able to address any enquiry that may arise.

With kind regards,

Adela Acosta Marchetti