Letter from the Director

Adela Acosta Marchetti, Dr. C.T.A.

Department Director

Dear candidates and future students:

General Curriculum is the entrance to your university life in Zamorano. During your first two years of studies, you will be preparing yourself by receiving the fundamentals in mathematics, science, humanities and communication skills that you will need to be successful in your studies in the major of your choice and in your professional life.

These two years are transformative. With us, you start the university voyage and it is here where you will learn to know yourself better, you will mature, you will improve your study techniques and you will discover what it is to be a motivated university student. Our purpose and the permanent thread in the courses and activities of these two years is that you cultivate your leadership characteristics.

Our intention is to encourage your creativity. Motivate you to keep asking and to recognize your thirst for knowledge. We want to be able to offer you a variety of topics so that you can discover resources beyond agricultural technical information and be interested in knowing more about life and the world around us. The result is a citizen with a broader mind, who develops their critical thinking skills, constructs arguments and has the ability to establish their own conclusions.

Being a General Curriculum student, you will benefit from having personalized academic guidance, tutoring to accompany your studies and a culture-rich environment, with teachers and peers from more than 18 countries, mainly from Latin America.

I am here to support you in strengthening your academic skills and motivate you to discover the pleasure of the continuous and lasting acquisition of knowledge. Feel at home and discover the family you will have in the General Curriculum.