We are pleased that you thought of Zamorano.

We are here to support your admission process.

We appreciate your interest in knowing more about the admission process for ZAMORANO and for considering us as an option for your university-level studies. We offer a program that makes us unique in the region. Our institutional pillars are Academic Excellence, Learning by Doing, Panamericanism and Values ​​and Character.

Enrolling at our university will change your life, helping expand your knowledge and your way of viewing the world. Strong values and character ​​will be infused into your life and you will cultivate friendships that will last forever.

ZAMORANO offers you opportunity to become a leader and an agent of change for your community and country - and beyond.

We'd love you to be part of the great Zamorano family. Here you can get all the information you require to apply. Similarly, the National Chapters of the Association of Zamorano (AZAM) support us voluntarily in the admissions process in 14 countries in Latin America.

You can contact us: CONTACTS

From other countries, please contact the Office of Admissions

To inquire about campus visits, or any additional information on the ZAMORANO admissions process, please contact us through our e-mails. We are happy to assist you.

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