ZAMORANO education is of high quality.

The costs associated with maintaining unique academic programs in its class, including a specialized international faculty and first-class infrastructure, are significant and necessary .

Our yearly tuition and fees cover: academics, Learning by Doing modules, housing, meals, uniforms, first aid and other medical services, medical and hospital insurance, library use, a personal computer and access to computer labs, laundry services, and access to sports and recreational facilities.

Taking all these services into consideration, ZAMORANO's costs are lower or similar to studying in many universities in Latin America and other regions.

The tuition cost for 2017 is $19,900.00 USD, and covers: academic credits and Learning by Doing modules for the year; housing, meals, uniforms, bedding, first aid clinic and medical services, in primary care treatments, library, laundry, barbershop or salon, personal computer, use of laboratories, tools, use of machinery and equipment, access to sports and recreational facilities, medical and hospital insurance, computer services, Tegucigalpa-Zamorano transportation on the weekends, security.

There are four methods of payment:

1. Annual Prepayment Annual tuition $19,900.00 USD

Payment of the whole year 2017 of US $ 18,905.00 (includes a discount of 5%, equivalent to US $ 995.00); payable in the period from May 1 to October 31, 2016.

2. Payment in three installments

October 31, 2016: $ 7,960.00 USD

April 30, 2016: $5,970.00 USD

August 31, 2016: $5,970.00 USD

3. Payment in twelve installments

In this mode the value of tuition is US $ 20,869.82 for 2017, distributed as follows:

1 to October 31, 2016,

Initial payment of $4,000.00 USD and 11 payments of $1,533.62, due on the 15th of each month, starting in January 2017.

4. Payment by credit card

Credit cards are accepted at Treasury Headquarters in Honduras Zamorano campus or online payment on our website (

Online Payments


Only Honduran students may pay in Honduran currency (Lempiras), at the prevailing exchange rate in the financial markets on the date of payment. This amount can be deposited to an account under the name of Escuela Agrícola Panamericana in any of the following banks:

Banco de Occidente

Checking account in lempiras 11-429-0000153

Savings account in dollars 22-429-0000173

Banco Credomatic (Central americans only)

Savings Account in dollars 100355531

Pacific National Bank

Account 10100506

ABA, 066011350

1390 Brickell Ave. 5th Floor

Miami, FL. 33133-3324, USA

Tel. (305) 539-7535, Fax: (305) 539-7551/7600

Citibank, NA

Account 36233711

ABA , 021000089 SWIFT: CITIUS33

111 Wall Street 21st. Floor, NY, 10043, U.S.A.


You can pay by cash, check or credit card at the university in the Financial Office.

ZAMORANO offers a unique lifestyle and an opportunity for personal development for success.

The costs associated with maintaining unique academic programs in its class, including a specialized international faculty and first-class infrastructure, are significant and necessary.

The future student must send a copy of the deposit or bank transfer information to: (Financial Office). Please inlcude the student's full name with the money transfer information.

Required deposit

All students must deposit $100.00 USD at the Financial Office before the start of each term, in order to cover personal expenses and contingencies. This amount is refundable if the student does not use it. Additionally, you must provide a copy of a return travel ticket to the country of origin, or make a deposit for the amount in USD that would cover return travel costs.


US dollars are accepted as currency for payment of tuition, with the exception of Honduran students, who must pay in Lempiras, according to the selling rate established by the Central Bank of Honduras.

Financial aid

Since its founding, ZAMORANO has continued its rich tradition and its commitment to social responsibility in providing financial support for highly-qualified students with demonstrated need. This assistance ranges from full to half tuition. The academic merits of the applicant, his/her professional potential, and demonstrated economic need are determining factors in obtaining this financial assistance.

Because scholarship funds are limited, we recommend that all candidates make individual efforts for outside support, including the public and private sectors, foundations, cooperation agencies,and others, in order to ensure sufficient funds to attend ZAMORANO in case the student is not selected for the finantial aid programs administered by the university.

Late payments

Delayed payments on any of the form of payment options include a surcharge of 1% per month.


The value of tuition is subject to increases of approximately 3% to 7% annually for inflationary reasons.

Reserve quota

Due to limited space, we would appreciate that you confirm joining ZAMORANO and reserve your space by making a deposit of US $ 2,000 (US $ 1,000 non-refundable grant for administrative costs) in authorized banks before September 30th of the current year and send a copy of the deposit receit by email to Jaime Cardenas, Head of Treasury (, with copy to