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Does Zamorano assign scholarships?

Throughout the year, negotiations are carried out with cooperation agencies, governments, foundations, private companies and individual donors to obtain funds and channel them to young people of academic excellence with limited economic resources.

What recommendations would you give to an applicant?

Take steps in different organizations to increase the opportunities of receiving alternative support to minimize family contribution. Do not rely solely on the Zamorano scholarship program.

When should I apply for the Zamorano scholarship?

Immediately after the Admissions office issues your acceptance letter. If you meet the requirements, access to the scholarship application form is enabled on the online platform; from that moment you can start the application process.

How are the recipients of Zamorano scholarships selected?

The selection process of the young people awarded with a scholarship is completely transparent and is the responsibility of an Internal Committee, which bases its decisions on the Institutional Policy for the Administration of Scholarship Funds and Awarding. It is noteworthy that, among others, academic aspects (Academic Performance in high school), result of the personal interview, result of the admission exam (PAA), merits of the applicant and a socioeconomic study are taken into account.


Can the application be filled out manually?

No, it is only available through the online scholarship platform.

How do you fill out the application?

You must be careful and honest with the information presented in the scholarship application form. In the event that false information is found, the application will be annulled, as well as any aid that has been granted even when the applicant has managed to enroll at Zamorano. Recommendations:

  • Carefully fill out the form detailing all the requested information, DO NOT OMIT DATA. Failure to provide information will result in your application being rejected as an incomplete application.
  • Check that the form is accompanied by all the documents requested. This implies, proof of annual income, proof of loans, and receipts or vouchers that support the expenses.
  • Send photos of the front of your house, living room, kitchen, dining room, vehicles and businesses. Include a google maps photograph of the land, farms or ranches you may own.

How do I find out if the scholarship documentation sent online was received by Zamorano?

Immediately after you press the submit button, the information is available for review by the Financial Assistance office staff.

How long should I wait for a response on the scholarship application?

The response to the scholarship application varies from country to country due to various factors, but in general, the beneficiaries are notified between October-December .

Once my scholarship application has been submitted, what steps do I follow?

Submission of the scholarship application is part of a process that normally entails: Thorough review of information submitted. Preselection of potential candidates. Field visit (socioeconomic study). Selection of scholarship candidates. Notification of approved scholarship. Acceptance and confirmation of the scholarship by the candidate.

What requirements are evaluated to grant a scholarship?

  1. Academic Performance: Certificate of grades, diplomas and degrees from previous studies, other merits.
  2. Score obtained in the Admission exam (PAA).
  3. Result of the personal interview: Extracurricular activities, aspects related to vocation, social commitment, leadership, adaptation, etc.
  4. Proven financial need: Evidence of family income and expenses, tax returns, documentation of family assets, socioeconomic study, etc.

I have entered all the information of the application, but it appears as if I have not completed it yet or it does not save the data, what do I do?

If you exceed 30 minutes with the platform open, for security reasons the platform is blocked and does not record the information. It is suggested to answer them in Word and then copy and paste on the platform so you do not exceed that time.

What do I do if I have expenses that are not listed on the platform?

You can include them in the “Others” category and attach an explanation indicating that you contemplate such expenses in a specific and detailed manner.

Are these scholarships compatible with other types of aid?

The aid granted by Zamorano is compatible with others that could be granted for the same reason by other public or private entities.

Can Zamorano provide me with a list of sponsors that can help me cover my tuition totally or partially?

No, Zamorano does not have an established list of current or potential sponsors. It is the responsibility of each family to identify the companies, organizations or any potential source that provides support for university costs.

Because I am the child of a Zamorano graduate, can I receive special financial support?

Yes, the children of graduates may receive a scholarship equivalent to 10% of the annual value of the first year’s enrollment. Conditional on compliance with:

  • Having been admitted after completing the institution’s regular admission process, which includes an exam, personal interview, and review of academic records.
  • Minimum Admission Rate of 80%.
  • History of conduct and discipline satisfactory to Zamorano, according to certification given by the authorities of the high school establishment where she/he graduated.
  • Written request to the Financial Assistance committee.

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