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ZAMORANO offers you the possibility of become a leader, and agent of change for your community or country.

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5 reasons to choose Zamorano

1. Feel at home

Zamorano is located 30 kilometers from the capital of Honduras in an incomparable setting of natural beauty with strict access only for the university community. It is a safe, inclusive and diverse environment with top-level facilities and services to make your stay comfortable while you live an international university experience with students from 20 different nationalities. 

2. Multiculturalism

Social life in the residences, sports areas, outdoor ecological areas and classrooms will allow you to discover new cultures and experiences, while strengthening your values. At Zamorano you will have the opportunity to access professional internships abroad, expanding your contact opportunities in more than 125 institutions around the world.

3. Academic prestige

Zamorano maintains its excellence in training global leaders through the Learning by Doing academic component and constant innovation in its programs based on sustainable, inclusive, equitable and resilient agrifood systems. 4 Engineering Majors: Agricultural Sciences and Production, Food Science and Technology, Agribusiness Management, Environmental Science and Development.

4. Full services: “ALL INCLUSIVE” 

Zamorano is a residential campus with real learning spaces created for academic, production and self-sustaining purposes. In addition,  it offers ALL INCLUSIVE benefits for student such as dormitories, food, healthcare, sports facilities, beauty salon, barbershop and laundromat, among others. 

5. Technology and collaborative learning spaces aligned with the industry

Zamorano has innovative and modern university facilities, where it offers up-to-date knowledge that sets the standard in agrifood systems with a unique infrastructure in the region, including agroindustrial plants, specialized laboratories, research centers and modern technological resources.


We invite you to become part of the Great Zamorano Family. If you have any doubts, we are happy to help. Once you communicate with us and tell us your dream, we will advise and guide you to achieve it. Schedule a meeting with our advisors at the following link:

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