The value of our education

Payment Options

Early Annual Tuition Payment

Full payment for the year 2018 amounts to US $ 19,285.00 (includes a 5% discount, equivalent to US $ 1,015.00); payable in the period from May 1 to October 31, 2017.

Payment in three installments

October 31, 2017: $ 8,120.00 USD
April 30, 2018: $6,090.00 USD
August 31, 2018: $6,090.00 USD

Payment in twelve installments

With this method, tuition cost (room and board and student services) is US $ 21,294.20 for 2018, distributed as follows:
1 to October 31, 2017.
Initial payment of $4,000.00 USD and 11 payments of $1,572.20, due on the 15th of each month, starting in January 2018.

Payment by credit card

Credit cards are accepted at the Financial Affairs Office on campus or through online payment on our website (

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Since its founding, ZAMORANO has continued its rich tradition and its commitment to social responsibility in providing financial support for highly-qualified students with demonstrated need. This assistance ranges from full to half tuition (meals, lodging and student services). The academic merits of the applicant, his/her professional potential, and demonstrated economic need are determining factors in obtaining this financial assistance.
The value is subject to increases of approximately 3% to 7% annually for inflationary reasons.

Reservation Fee

Due to limited space, we would appreciate that you confirm joining ZAMORANO and reserve your place by making a deposit of US $ 2,000 (US $ 500 non-refundable grant for administrative costs) in authorized banks before September 30th of the current year and send a copy of the deposit receit by email to Jaime Cárdenas, Head of Financial Affairs Office (, con copia