Erik Peterson

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Zamorano, I would like to welcome you to our website.

At Zamorano we are living through challenging times. Like other academic institutions around the globe, we have had to quickly adapt to the necessary changes that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic. After initially relocating most of our student body back to their individual countries of origin, we have steadily shifted all of our courses online. On campus we have instituted processes to minimize the risk and spread of infection, while continuing our farming activities, ensuring that we continue to produce food that is now, more than ever, needed by local Honduran consumers. For the students that were unable to return to their countries of origin, we continue to educate and provide for both their physical and emotional well-being during this unusual period, the likes of which none of us have experienced in our lifetime.

We view these challenging times as an opportunity. In recent years the Board and Faculty at Zamorano had already identified the need to better incorporate technology into both the topics that we teach at Zamorano as well as the way in which we teach at Zamorano. This rapid global trend toward better use of communication and virtual learning has only accelerated trends that we were already focused on. New programs like our Masters in Sustainable Tropical Agriculture and upcoming Masters in Agri-Business already heavily relied on a mixture of on-campus and remote learning, and we are increasingly using other media, such as Webinars, to share the knowledge of our Zamorano faculty and alumni with interested viewers across the globe.

Zamorano is a unique institution, and we plan to leverage our unique assets and qualities to continue to differentiate ourselves in the future. Zamorano’s beautiful campus, the learning by doing teaching methodology which sets us apart, the Panamerican student body and faculty, and the close, loyal alumni support network, are all areas that we will continue to lean on as we move forward. We will increase the use of technology to improve the manner in which we teach and share knowledge off-campus. We will continue to develop relationships with other leading academic institutions and thought leaders, and maintain our status as a leading reference point for agriculture in the Americas.

We look forward to this journey ahead, and I welcome you as a friend of Zamorano on that journey. Whether you are a student who worked hard to gain acceptance to Zamorano, seeking knowledge as you start out on your own life journey; a graduate seeking connection with your alma mater and your fellow classmates; an employer who recognizes the values of ethics, knowledge and hard work that are exemplified in a Zamorano graduate; or a financial supporter who shares Zamorano’s goal to provide all students with the opportunity to receive a top-level education, regardless of background and financial resources. We invite you to join our students in their quest to overcome life’s obstacles – and to create a brighter future – through hard work, as exemplified by Zamorano’s motto, Labor Omnia Vincit