ZAMORANO is a residential campus
where a multicultural community lives

People from different countries and cultures share their customs, knowledge and idiosyncrasies, bonds of brotherhood that will last forever are created.

For our students, ZAMORANO is more than their school or Alma Mater, it's your house. In our residential campus they receive comprehensive training and live with people of different nationalities and cultures, with different traditions and habits.

Student Life This is only one of Zamorano. We promote a balanced life and have adequate academic spaces for recreation. Our students also receive a rigorous academic program, have time to get involved in extracurricular activities, exercise and rest.

Each year we strive for our students to have a balanced life. Constantly improve significantly the sports infrastructure, we have basketball courts, volleyball, tennis and foosball with synthetic turf..

One feature that sets us apart from other universities is the invisible curriculum that trains students. Our invisible curriculum enables experiences that live outside the classroom have a profound and lasting impact on young people, providing many opportunities to develop their skills, and strengthen the values ​​and character.

A formal component of the invisible curriculum is the Integrated Student Life System (SIVE) that improves the lives of our students dormitories organizing and coordinating extracurricular activities such as cultural groups and sports teams. We promote the safety and welfare of students.

Students are demanding days of school and work, a code of conduct based on the values ​​with emphasis on personal discipline and responsibility towards the community, and an atmosphere characterized by order and cleanliness. Normally, they complete their academic work and learning by doing in the afternoon and the remaining time of the day, until 10 pm, perform extracurricular activities or simply share with other students, rest and study.