Zamorano is a residential campus
with a multicultural community

Students from different countries and cultures share their customs, knowledge, and idiosyncrasies, creating brotherly and sisterly ties that will last forever.

Zamorano is more than a university or an alma mater for our students; it is their home. In our residential campus, students receive a comprehensive education and live with people from different nationalities and cultures with different habits and traditions. Zamorano’s student life is unique.

We are continually improving the university’s sports facilities, which include basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, as well as synthetic soccer fields.

The invisible curriculum is another differentiating feature of Zamorano. The invisible curriculum helps students experience life outside the classroom with a deep, lasting impact. It offers students opportunities to develop their abilities and skills and strengthen their values and character. The main component of the invisible curriculum is the SIVE (the Integrated Student Life System, for its initials in Spanish). This system improves students’ lives by organizing the dorms and coordinating extra-curricular activities such as cultural groups and sports teams, as well as promoting student safety and well-being.

Zamorano students have tough days of study and work, and a code of conduct based on values that focuses on self-discipline, community responsibility, and order and cleanliness. They usually end their work and educational day in the late afternoon. The rest of the day is open for enjoying extracurricular activities or sharing with other students, relaxing, or studying. A regular Zamorano day ends at 10:00 p.m.