2 December, 2015

Students launch the 4-ZS Club to Provide Knowledge for Socioeconomic Development

ZAMORANO initiates 4-ZS Club (Zamo-feelings, Zamo-Knowledge, Zamo-services and Zamo-health), which is a database of contacts to provide knowledge on topics […]
3 December, 2015

ZAMORANO promotes a Regulation on Improved Stoves

In Honduras, more than 150,000 improved stoves have been installed to this date , according to project records of this […]
4 December, 2015

Mocochinchi Camba: Entrepreneurship Flavored with Success

A combination of friendship and entrepreneurship has been the formula that produced success for these young Zamoranas. “The opportunities are […]
10 December, 2015

Zamorano Solidarity: Municipalities of San Antonio de Oriente and Güinope are benefited with an Ambulance

The population, with a hundred years of history, has had difficulties to move women who are about to give birth, […]
14 January, 2016

Innovation and entrepreneurship: students develop food products to strengthen MSMEs

“I am very pleased and happy with the work the students did. They understood what I wanted. They innovated the […]
20 January, 2016

Practical Learning: Students create Business and Marketing Strategies

Alejandro Pineda and his classmates were challenged to develop a marketing plan for a company that introduces a new product […]
9 February, 2016

Zamorano strengthens relations with World Bank

World Bank executives met with ZAMORANO officials to get to know its academic programs, areas of research and product processing […]
18 February, 2016

Students Participate in Scientific Discussion

Third-year students and faculty of the Environment and Development Career participated in a scientific discussion group on “The Role of […]
18 February, 2016

MSMEs in Honduras are taught how to maintain their financial health.

ZAMORANO, with the support of strategic partners, has recently led initiatives to support small entrepreneurs with knowledge transfer and project […]
24 February, 2016

The Paris Accord over Climate Change and the Participation and Role of ZAMORANO

The 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held at […]
29 February, 2016

Purification and Bottling Plant, ZAMORANO Cares for a Vital Resource

With its own water purification and bottling plant, ZAMORANO demonstrates an efficient management of resources, another opportunity for student learning […]
8 March, 2016

Food Security: Three Powerful Bean Varieties Developed

The ZAMORANO Bean Research Program, directed by professor and researcher Dr. Juan Carlos Rosas, with the collaboration of other institutions, […]
29 March, 2016

Renovation of the Post-harvest Plant

Strengthening the education of students is a priority for ZAMORANO and providing top-notch educational facilities is crucial to our success. […]
29 March, 2016

Zamorano Participates in Research and Teaching Conference in Zambia, Africa

Dr. Juan Carlos Rosas was invited by the Legume Innovation Lab Program to participate in the Joint Pan African Grain […]
1 April, 2016

US tour: Students of Agricultural Engineering learn Animal Production

ZAMORANO provides students with experiences to strengthen their knowledge and keep up with reality in their field of study. International educational […]
5 April, 2016

Yes to Milk!: Honduran Milk Sector and Pan-American Dairy Campaign Underway

Yes to Milk! is the campaign to increase the consumption of milk led by the Pan-American Dairy Federation (FEPALE). It was […]