24 March, 2021

Food and nutrition security course with participants from indigenously influenced areas and from northern Honduras

This fifth course has representation from indigenously influenced areas such as Misquitos, Tawahkas, Pech, Garífunas and Lenca communities. It will […]
24 March, 2021

Zamorano´s Biodiversity Center generates a record number of scientific publications

Thousands of reports were generated from the Biodiversity Center at Zamorano (CZB), of which 8,074 were for biodiversity monitoring projects […]
12 March, 2021

Advancing towards sustainability, Zamorano inaugurates Phase II of its Solar Park

Zamorano boosts environmental solutions for the care and welfare of the planet, by creating products and teaching with a focus […]
1 February, 2021

Development of a workshop by consultants with European Union expertise : “Compliance of Forestry Law in Honduras”

Zamorano’s goal is to contribute to Honduran forestry value chains’ compliance with legal principles implemented by the European Union. With […]
25 January, 2021

“Sustainable Agriculture: A vision for Zamorano´s future”

Get to know the profile of Dr. Jeffrey Sachs here: https://www.jeffsachs.org/ With a presentation by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs to our […]
25 January, 2021

ZAMORANO and INCAE launch Master in Agribusiness

The purpose of the innovative Master in Agribusiness is to prepare the agricultural sector to compete successfully in future markets […]
13 January, 2021

Zamorano graduates grateful and committed students to boost San Pedro Sula´s development.

Angie Grádiz, Anny Madrid, Carlos Mairena, Enrique Bográn, Francisco Alvarado, Francisco Osorio, Roberto Vargas, Ramón Díaz Lemus and Yermy Medina […]
12 January, 2021

Zamorano receives technical and financial support from the Institute of Technology for Health Care

Thanks to funding from the Institute of Technology for Health Care (ITHC),several projects regarding nutrition, the publication of research articles, […]
16 December, 2020

The project to promote legality and competitiveness of forestry MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) was launched.

In order to promote compliance with the standards for the MSMEs, a legal verification strategy was created in two forestry […]
7 December, 2020

The Legacy of Simón Malo, graduate of the class of 1954 and President of Zamorano from 1979 to 1992

Simón Malo, Zamorano´s first Latin American President, led the institution to new levels of academic rigor Dr. Simon Malo, who […]
7 December, 2020

Plot and commercial area built by Zamorano, donated to the Municipality of San Antonio de Oriente

These actions are part of an urban plan of local development led by Zamorano encompassing the communities in close proximity […]
5 December, 2020

Zamorano’s graduating class 2020 has 268 new professionals from sixteen countries

ZAMORANO is an innovative university whose graduates are its greatest point of pride. To date, more than 9,000 Zamoranos from […]
30 November, 2020

Mr, Diego Wen, newly appointed Ambassador to Honduras from Taiwan, visits Zamorano

Zamorano authorities and diplomatic representatives from Taiwan have signed agreements with Zamorano in the past that benefit young Honduran students […]
26 November, 2020

Educational Pig Farm Manages Wastewater in an Integrated Manner

Zamorano follows national and international environmental regulations by returning uncontaminated water to its rivers.  We also teach our students production […]
18 November, 2020

“Safe water” changes lives and improves health for 1,700 residents of Honduras’ dry corridor

As the result of some basic training, the residents managed to adopt the technology without difficulties. Residents use the equipment […]
11 November, 2020

Zamorano donates land for sports and recreational use in San Antonio de Oriente.

Two parcels of land are located in the El Quebrancho community measuring 298 m2 each. A third parcel of land […]