16 October, 2020

Fighting food waste by instilling a sustainable culture

Through the Masters Degree in Sustainable Tropical Agriculture (MATS), students engage in applied research in the development of sustainable production […]
6 June, 2019

Drones at the service of Sustainable Tropical Agriculture

By: Lenín Esaú Henríquez Dole, Ph.D.Profesor Asociado en Cambio Climático y Manejo de Recursos Hídricos Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly […]
15 April, 2019

Responsible consumption of forest products

By: Juan Carlos Flores Ph.D. Associate Professor and Head of the Forestry Unit of the Department of Environment and Development […]
13 March, 2019
Zamorano ciencia fertilización

In vitro Fertilization (IVF) in cattle: an innovative Reproductive Biotechnology at the service of genetic improvement

John J. Hincapié, D.Sc.  Full Professor and Director of the Laboratory of Biotechnology of Animal Reproduction To optimize the use […]
23 January, 2019

Negotiation as art and science

Author: Lic. Alex J. Godoy Assistant Professor of the Department of Agribusiness Administration Based on this premise, the science and […]
17 December, 2018

How important are mosses in water production?

Photo: 1zoom.me Author: Dr. Eric Van Den Berghe / Profesor Asociado, Departamento de Ambiente y Desarrollo We are all vaguely […]
17 September, 2018

Weeds related to sunflowers

Text and photos: Ali Rubio (Herbario Paul C. Standley, IAD) The family is well recognized for its unique characteristics and […]
14 September, 2018

The national orchid of Honduras and the contribution of Zamorano in his appointment

Author: Lic. Rina F. Díaz, The rose was the national flower of Honduras from 1946-1969, and was discarded because it […]
20 May, 2018

No bees, no agriculture, no life…

Author: Ricardo Díaz, M.Sc. in Tropical Beekeeping, graduate class 2015 ricardo15105@yahoo.com “The intensive use of agrochemicals is the basis of […]
7 July, 2017

The 10 most relevant fungi in phytopathology

Author: Cristian F. Quispe, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Phytopathology at ZAMORANO Photographs: Cristian F. Quispe, 2010. Source: Dean, R., et […]
7 April, 2017

ZAMORANO Researchers explore La Mosquitia Biodiversity

This February, several researchers were selected to participate in the first biological exploration of the archaeological site known as T1 […]
16 March, 2017

Do you know how much sugar processed drinks have?

Dra. S.P. Adriana Hernández Santana Nowadays, the world is affected by an epidemic of obesity, while only a few developed […]
23 January, 2017

Phytopathology and Diagnosis of Plant Diseases

Author: Cristian F. Quispe, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Phytopathology, ZAMORANO University Source: Riley, M.B., M.R. Williamson, and O. Maloy. Plant […]
6 December, 2016

Zamorano Hosts the Third International Coffee Convention

Zamorano promotes the growth of the coffee sector in Honduras thanks to its ties with leading international institutions. Together, they […]
3 December, 2016

The Excellence of Our Graduates, Class of 2016

Excellence is essential in our work, and it is part of our four pillars as a university. Once again, during […]
1 December, 2016

Teacher Publishes a Guide on Regional Birds

On November 1st, The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishing house —one of the most important in the world for publishing educational […]