10 October, 2017

ZAMORANO participates in the 50th anniversary of CIAT

The International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) celebrates its 50th anniversary of foundation in Nicaragua this year. CIAT has helped […]
28 September, 2017

ZAMORANO students participate in Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is a non-profit brand that promotes international events where men and women, especially young people from any professional […]
26 September, 2017

First international conference on Family Farming in Honduras

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), hunger is the result of an unequal distribution of food, […]
14 September, 2017

ZAMORANO promotes an active lifestyle among students in local village

More girls than boys struggle with being overweight. ZAMORANO conducted a survey among teenage students from a local village that […]
6 September, 2017

Pan-American Festival 2017: History and Culture

Vestiges, landscapes, costumes, gastronomy, and language are just some of the things that tell us the story of where we […]
4 September, 2017

Revisiting ZAMORANO 75 Years Later was a success

In the commemorative events Revisiting ZAMORANO 75 Years Later, the bonds of brotherhood of ZAMORANO graduates throughout history were manifested […]
12 July, 2017


16 June, 2017

Celebrating the Life of George Pilz

Photograph by Marion Cave, courtesy of the University and Jepson Herbaria Archives, University of California, Berkeley. ZAMORANO says goodbye with […]
26 April, 2017

First Camp for Young Birders in Honduras

During Easter Week, eight teenagers participated in the first eBird camp organized by ZAMORANO University in Honduras. “It was an […]
1 April, 2017

From ZAMORANO Crop Fields to Afghan War Zones

“I am a high-level leader in the United States Army partly because of the invaluable principles of leadership, hard work […]
24 March, 2017


Today, the 75th anniversary festivities commemorating the creation of ZAMORANO University have officially begun! Administrative and service staff, faculty, students, […]
14 March, 2017

A Goodbye to a Remarkable Zamorano Alumnus: Don Paco

ZAMORANO was, without a doubt, an experience that changed my life” -Don Paco. Dr. Francisco Adolfo Sierra Ávila, “Don Paco” […]
14 March, 2017

ZAMORANO Scientist Introduces New Coffee Technology

Dr. Juan F. Medrano, class of 1969, is a member of the ZAMORANO Board of Trustees and professor at the […]
13 March, 2017

Team of Biologists Produce Faunistic and Floristic Inventory in Ciudad Blanca

During the last two years, the discovery of an archaeological site in the remote jungles of La Mosquitia has been […]
13 March, 2017

ZAMORANO offers Workshop on Gender and Agriculture in Honduras

Development organizations, leaders of the agricultural food production sector in western Honduras and members of the academic community from both […]
17 February, 2017

Linking Key Actors to Face Climate Change

Climate change is a global problem, and we know that those most vulnerable to climate change are in the poorest […]