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20 March, 2019

Work and passion for agriculture, “life is the field”

Under Sergio Cedeño´s leadership, three companies and 12 haciendas have been formed, dedicated to the cultivation of bananas, cocoa and […]
18 February, 2019

Don Juan, a drink of international dinstinction with Zamorano’s DNA

Gerardo Paez, class of 1997 plans to complete on the global stage through the development of products such as chocolates […]
29 May, 2018

Arnaldo Burgos: world leader in milk production, graduate, benefactor and promoter of the Zamorano culture

Arnaldo Burgos is a Honduran national and world leader in the production of bovine milk. From Zamorano’s 1967 graduation class, […]
6 December, 2017

Funvallú: the immortal history of the indigenous

This week we present Funvallú (Umbra Valley Theme Park Foundation), an indigenous park located in the spectacular Umbrian Valley sheltered […]
4 December, 2015

Mocochinchi Camba: Entrepreneurship Flavored with Success

A combination of friendship and entrepreneurship has been the formula that produced success for these young Zamoranas. “The opportunities are […]