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25 August, 2020

México: Animal Genetic and DNA extraction

Intern: Pablo Alejandro Valladares Medina, Agricultural Science and Production Pablo did his internship at the Animal Biotechnology Laboratory of the […]
25 August, 2020

Bolivia: Processing analysis for oil extraction and flour production

Intern: Belisa Melanie Vásquez Coca, Environmental Science and Development Belisa did her internship at the Agroindustrial Transformation Company (ETASA), which […]
25 August, 2020

United States: Agricultural insurance for hay and feed producers

Intern: José García, Agribusiness Management José did his internship at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, a research center in Weslaco, Texas, […]
25 August, 2020

Colombia: Development and Innovation in animal nutrition

Intern: Aryeri Stephanie Bardales Castellanos, Food Science and Technology Aryeri, did her internship at PREMEX de Colombia, which is dedicated […]
3 August, 2020

Guatemala: Central America Seed Market

Intern: José Daniel López, Agribusiness Management José Daniel did his internship at the Global AgroChemical and Seed Production Company, Syngenta, […]
3 August, 2020

Perú: Data processing and statistical analysis of blueberry production

Intern: Mirna Gabriela Zacarías Gómez, Agribusiness Management Mirna did her internship in Agrovisión Perú SAC, a company dedicated to production, […]
3 August, 2020

Honduras: Technology design and evaluation to improve water quality in a sustainable way

Intern: Brenda Solórzano Cuesta, Environment and Development Brenda did her internship as a member of a research team of the […]
3 August, 2020

United States: Biodegradable shrimp skin-based packaging

Intern: Celeste Aurora Matos González, Food Science and Technology Celeste is a student from the Dominican Republic who did her […]
22 June, 2020

Nicaragua: Agronomic handling of oranges for export

Internship by: Raúl Adán Velado Hernández, Agricultural Sciences and Production Department Raul is a student from El Salvador who did […]
22 June, 2020

United States: Meat quality performance and improvement

Internship by: Anny Claudeth Madrid Ponce, Food Science and Technology Department Anny did her professional internship in the Animal and […]
22 June, 2020

Ecuador: Extensive shrimp production

Internship by: José Roberto Ramírez Valdez, Agricultural Sciences and Production Department José did his internship at the Acuinaví company, which […]
22 June, 2020

Italy: Natural soil fertility, usage and environmental management.

Intership by: Mélida Melania Amores Mena, Environment and Development Department Mélida did her internship in the Agriculture and Environment Department […]
7 May, 2020

Ecuador: Synchronization of estrus, insemination, genetics, and care of calves at birth

Intern: Lilian Moreno Meléndez, Agronomic Engineering Lilian completed her internship at AGROUMBRIA (Ecuador), a large-scale milk producer. At AGROUMBRIA, she […]
7 May, 2020

 Germany and India : Import and sale of fruits in the European Union

Intern: Sebastián Salinas, Agribusiness Sebastián did his internship with Don Limón, located in Germany and India, focused on the worldwide […]
7 May, 2020

USA: Sensory Analysis and Consumer Science

Intern: Katherine Esthefany Alfaro Martínez, Food Technology Katherine, a Salvadoran student, completed her internship at the Sensory Laboratory of the […]
21 April, 2020

United States: Soil data analysis and interpretation techniques

Intern: Rosa Elena Ibarra López, Environmental Engineering Rosa, originally from El Salvador, completed her internship in the Soil Laboratory of […]