22 April, 2016

US: Research on Pastures and Forages

By Diego José Contreras Gamero (Honduras)                    I study in the career of Agricultural Engineering and am in North Carolina, United […]
20 April, 2016

In Costa Rica: Work on Sustainable Organic Farming

By Pablo Ignacio Paliz Larrea (Ecuador) I am a student in the Department of Environment and Development at Zamorano University.  […]
20 April, 2016

In Costa Rica: Analysis of macroeconomic data and research proposals

By Andrés Felipe Delgado Realpe (Colombia) The Steve Aronson Professorship in Strategy and Agribusiness is the original professorial Chair of […]
14 April, 2016

In Honduras: Experimentation with Micro Gas- Production Units

Marx Nieto (Peru) I’ve been at Indura Beach, on Tela Bay, Honduras, for three months doing my professional practice.  In […]
13 April, 2016

US: Students Outstanding in Competition

By Erasmo Flores (El Salvador) Thanks to the program of professional practice that ZAMORANO gives us as students, we can […]
11 April, 2016

In Germany: Knowing the World Market for Animal Feed Additives

By Johann Reichmann (Honduras) I am a fourth-year Agribusiness Management student at the Pan American Agricultural School, ZAMORANO.  I am […]
8 April, 2016

US: Biological Control Research in Florida

During the fourth year of the Environment and Development Career I have taken my professional practice in the biological control […]
7 April, 2016

In Australia: Production of High Quality Beef Cattle

By Eduardo Samuel Garay (Honduras) I am a fourth-year Agricultural Engineering student at Zamorano.  I find myself doing my internship […]
6 April, 2016

US: Research on Frying Process Optimization

By Oliver David Chamorro Ojeda (Paraguay) There is no teaching without research or research without teaching, Paulo Freire (1921-1997).  I […]
4 April, 2016

US: Swine Production

By Brayan Jose Cruz Cruz (Honduras) During my fourth year of Agricultural Engineering in Zamorano, I am in North Carolina, […]
30 March, 2016

In Israel: Fattening Birds in the Nir Yitzhak Kibbutz

By  Macedonian Casavilca Carhuas  (Peru)  I am a fourth-year student of the Agricultural Engineering Major at the Panamerican Agricultural University, […]
30 March, 2016

In Spain: Evaluation of Agricultural Risk Management Systems

I am a fourth-year student of the Agribusiness Management Department. I am in Madrid, Spain, specifically at the Center for […]
5 March, 2016

Research on Recombinant Protein Production, Monterrey, Mexico

By Ediner Fuentes (Panama) Surely we think that biotechnology and environmental issues are not related, however, these two sciences have much […]
3 March, 2016

Tarumitra in India, an experience in conservation of flora and fauna

Tarumitra means “Friends of Trees” in Hindi and Sanskrit. It is a student movement that aims to protect and promote […]
23 February, 2016

Wilber Gutierrez, Texas Tech, USA

How much biodiversity of bees is there in the highlands of southwestern USA? I, Wilber Gutierrez, am an intern at […]